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When you sink your teeth into our ridiculously tasty Vitamin Packed, Immune Booster bars, you’d never guess just how much goodness we’ve packed into every bite.

The same goes for our 3 Vitamin Packed Immune Boosting porridge pots, which get your morning off to a flyer with spoonful’s of creamy oats crammed with all sorts of gooey goodness.

But how do these super snacks and breakfasts boost your immune system? Allow us to explain (this is the bit where we put on white lab coats and big plastic glasses).

The perky power of vitamins

Most of us don’t get nearly enough vitamins in our diet.

EU health boffins say that your body need a specific amount of 13 vitamins and 14 minerals every day to stop you getting ill. They call this amount your RDA (stands for Recommended Daily Amount).

There are some vitamins like D, C and B12 that not only keep your body healthy, but help you fight off infections too.

So we’ve packed our Immune Boosting snack bars and porridge pots with 100% of your daily recommended amount of all three Power Packed Vitamins!

Clever Combos

Did you know Vitamin D is fat soluble? That means that unless you consume fat with Vitamin D you won’t absorb the goodness. So we have cleverly combined Vitamin D with healthy fats to maximise the goodness you can get. So the nuts in our bars and the coconut mylk in our porridges help you absorb vitamin D better than supplements 💪

Now let’s take a closer look at each powerful vitamin, and why we add them to our Immune Boosting range…

Vitamin D:
the infection fighting one

The sun is our biggest source of Vitamin D. But as it turns out, Britain isn’t the sunniest of places, especially in autumn and winter. And that leaves us in a bit of a pickle.

So since many of us are lacking the Vitamin D we need to help our bodies fight respiratory infections like flu and maybe even Coronavirus, Public Health England recommends that we should all take daily supplements during the colder months.

If you’ve got darker skin, you should think about doing this all year round.

What does the research say?

In 2016, there was a review of 25 randomised control studies into whether Vitamin D prevents respiratory infections, led by Queen Mary University of London

It found that taking extra Vitamin D does protect against acute respiratory tract infections, especially in patients who are vitamin D deficient

Can Vitamin D reduce the Risk of Covid 19?

To see whether higher doses of Vitamin D have a greater benefit in protecting us from Covid-19, a CoronaVit trial began in October 2020, also led by Queen Mary University London.

It’s led by Clinical Professor of respiratory infections Professor Adrian Martineau, who’s basing the new research on 3 primary facts:

  1. Vitamin D boosts responses to respiratory viruses in general and dampens down inflammation. People who do badly with Covid-19 have over enthusiastic inflammation responses.
  2. People who are Vitamin D deficient are also at most at risk of Covid-19 (including older people, black & Asian ethnic origin, and those overweight)
  3. Several studies have linked low Vitamin D levels to increased risk of Covid-19 an poorer outcomes. An initial study found that ONLY 2% of patients admitted to hospital with Coronavirus, who were then given high doses of vitamin D had to be admitted to ICU, Vs 50% of the group without Vitamin D.

We’ll update this page once we know the results of the trial.

Vitamin C:
The all rounder

If Vitamin C was still at school, it’d be the top of the class in every subject, the captain of the athletics team and the one everyone swooned over in the end of term disco. Here’s why we add it…

For starters, it keeps your skin healthy and helps your wounds heal better, like you’re in the X-Men.

Next, it’s full of antioxidants, which attack compounds inside your body called “free radicals”. They might sound like an 80s band, but these pesky little things can cause inflammation. Vitamin C stops that happening.

And when you’ve got any kind of infection, it acts like a traffic cop inside your body, directing immune cells called neutrophils to go and destroy the bacteria. POW!

Where’s Vitamin C found?

It’s in loads of really tasty fruits and veggies like oranges, strawberries, and peppers. And in some not-so-nice ones too. Cough, brussels sprouts, cough. One of the only downsides is that it dissolves in water, so your body can’t store it for very long on its own. This means you need to keep topping up throughout the day.

Now if only there was a snack that had 100% of the Vitamin C you needed?
Get some Vitamin C in your diet now

Vitamin B12:
the green one

If you’re a veggie, plant-lover or vegan like us, you’re probably not getting very much Vitamin B12 in your diet at all. That’s because it’s mainly found in animal products like meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs (oh and Marmite for you Marmite Lovers!). And that could be really bad news for you.

You mightn’t notice anything straight away, but after a few years, Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to things like depression, memory loss, muscle weakness and digestive issues and more. And sometimes it can’t be reversed 😱. It could also weaken your immune system and make it harder to fight off diseases.

Don’t let it get that far!

Studies show that more than half of all vegans are vitamin deficient. If that’s you, you need to top up on your B12.

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Class dismissed

We hope you enjoyed learning about the science that’s gone into our Vitamin Packed Immune Boosting range. Who knew that vitamins were so cool.